XLDB South America 2014 - June, 3-4 2014

XLDB Workshop June 3-4, 2014
Observatório Nacional
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Extremely Large Databases (XLDB) event series attempts to tackle challenges related to extreme scale data sets. Main activities include identifying trends, commonalities and roadblocks related to managing and analyzing extreme scale data sets, and facilitating development and growth of appropriate technologies including (but not limited to) databases. XLDB attendees include a mix of data-intensive industrial and scientific users, as well as big data academic researchers, and vendors.

Since 2007 the community has been meeting annually each fall at Stanford University, in California. In addition, satellite events are organized on different continents to connect with, and engage communities world-wide working on data-intensive challenges. Such events were organized in Europe and Asia in the past (Edinburgh/UK in 2011, Beijing/China in 2012, Geneva/Switzerland in 2013). Organizing next satellite event in Brazil would allow to engage the South America data-intensive community in the XLDB community.

Both the European and Asian communities found XLDB events very valuable, and expressed strong interest in organizing similar XLDB events again in the near future.

For more information about past events access this link.